Review: Battlestar Galactica 201 – 220

It’s that time again. One by one, series will end their seasons, and since BSG got an early start, they will be the first to go on hiatus. And what another phenomenal season it has been. The writers always take a good look at what life is all about, instead of limiting themselves to some formulaic style of storytelling (that alone puts this show in the top 1 percentile range), and then complement it with the mysterious behaviour, of all things, machines. This conflict always leads to unexpected paths, and now that the time has come to unglue yourself from your seat, you can feel anything but sad (at least for a few months, till the series is back again). Wait, that’s what I said last time. And right now, it’s worse. Thinking of the long waiting time for the season 3 premiere actually gives me a fraggin’ and splitting headache.

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