As a responsible driver, who feels himself important enough to stay connected by phone, I bought myself a headset right after I got my driver’s license. But apparently, some jerk, yeah I know you’re out there, somewhere, cast a voodoo spell, probably called “the headset curse”, on me, and hence, within weeks, I’m already at the third set. First was an official Siemens, a simple one cord design. Connector somehow didn’t connect anymore. Second was a Vivanco, neck-strap design, with the connector failing, and while that was being taped, the PTT (push-to-talk) button got stuck and gave up on me. Now my third is a Logitech one cord design, two-part modularity. Let’s see if a good brand name can dispel this nasty curse hanging around my neck. Send some positive energy my way, if you have any spare. That seems to help a lot too.

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  1. B. Says:

    Sorry dude, fresh out of positive energy.

    You should have a carkit built in your Aygo, as soon as you have it. A little investment, but it’s priceless when it mutes your car stereo when you’re getting a call. 🙂

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