How stupid can you get ?

That’s always the question. Who with a sane mind would brush teeth above the sink while fiddling with a new HP iPAQ hx2190 ? On top of that, who actually fiddle so badly, it would drop in the water. The answer is, of course, me. Astounded by my own stupidism, I actually watch its maiden voyage tumbling in the water, instead of my usual lightning-fast ninja-style retrieval reflexes.
Needless to say, *brzz* *kggg* *brzz* was the magic word, but luckily, the electronics employed by HP are quite sturdy (my previous iPAQ 3950 lasted a few years including a few drops on the street pavement). So, it resumed normal operation some 6 hours later (with a lot of blowing into the holes as to hasten the drying process. My general advice is still, don’t try this at home, though.

One Response to “How stupid can you get ?”

  1. Qbix Says:

    Right. If you power down electronic devices it’s amazing what they can take. (water wise)
    Drying does mirracles.

    The display is still allright ?

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