Review: Chaos

An expert can smell’m miles away. Others will have to dive into the matter to find out. But the signs are usually not too obscure. Shady second rate production companies and foreign equity investors. No name director and writer. Slow and small scale non-US release schedule after the film has been lying on the shelf for over a year. It all adds up to a direct-to-DVD quality movie. And still personal scheduling anomalies exist, and hence, I got served.
Making the script and dialogue sound smart is always a good move. You can make a trailer that sounds interesting (something to do with Chaos Theory), and still grab the low expectant viewer with the usual explosions and car chases. Of course, anyone paying attention will figure out pretty soon the smart talk is just a diversion (if this movie was about the Chaos Theory, then my grandma was Bruce Lee’s kung-fu teacher), with gaping plot holes to laugh about later (to make up for the money spent).5½.

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