Review: Lisa Loeb – The Very Best Of Lisa Loeb

I usually don’t review Best Of … albums since the obvious reason that is not really new. This time though, for me at least, it is kinda new. With only one song in my playlist (Stay, which is a monster hit she’s supposedly still has the full rights on. Few people in the music industry can say that), it may not be obvious she’s been hammering out a carreer for the past twelve years (even more if you count the non-self titled albums dating back from the late eighties). Not so coincidentally, this album’s release coincides with her new reality show (#1 Single on the E! channel), paving the way for even more exposure. Thematically, they pair up nicely too, since most of her songs are the slow romatic failure laden ballads, with some acoustic pop cry-outs to top it of.
Technically, it’s pretty sound, with the slim acoustic layout supporting her voice. Vocally, Lisa has the most friendly and sweet voice you can image. It’s almost disrespectful to turn her off or to switch to other music. Luckily so, while there are some despressing lyrics to be heard, her sweet voice will keep you from diving into the nearest ravine you can find.
But everyone knows, too much sweetness will result in sore teeth (or ears in this case), and that’s actually what happens when you listen to this chockful (18 songs) album.7-.

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