Review: Aeon Flux

So you win an Oscar, and then you have to carry a whole movie all by yourself. It happens to the best (anyone remember a certain Catwoman ?), so it had to happen to her too.
So why does this movie crash so hard ? Well, pretty much everything has a big sign BOREDOM stuck on it. The director doesn’t seem too capable to handle action scenes in a graceful way. The writers can’t get a few decent lines dialogue on paper. And surrounding Charlize Theron’s empty character are mostly B actors.
If not for the few body curve revealing clothing, I’d be fast asleep as the story is not the least bit entertaining. If predictability kicks in during the second half, it’s really yawning time. Counting the ridiculous futuristic technological advancements (which are there just because the writers thought it would probably labeled as cool, but most people will see as senseless story gap fillings) is the only thing left to do.4½.

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