I’ve been talking a lot about cars and stuff lately, but how about getting this thing called just plain walking under control ?
Today, with a full load of undescribable embarrassment, I fell flat on my face during a walk to the car. And since I’m a person who wholeheartedly enjoys laughing at someone else’s expense, I can’t deny you the same joy. So here goes:
a whole in my levis
2 steps
Now, let’s see how live I can live without that tetanus shot everyone always talks about.

4 Responses to “Ouch…”

  1. Qbix Says:


    Too bad of your trousers though

  2. Tienz Says:

    Happened to me once too. It was very slippery on my parents doorstep. I also went flat on my face. Did ruin my trousers though, so you win! 😆

  3. B Says:


    It’s your age. No doubt ’bout that.

  4. arachnofoob Says:

    Don’t be embarrased. You can’t beat me, once I flew over the steering wheel of my treacherous bicycle and fell flat on my face. And another time I hit a treacherous dog with my bike and fell flat on my back.

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