Don’t you just hate it…

Don’t you just hate it, when you know someone else can do something that you don’t ? If it bugs me too much, I’ll usually teach myself to learn it, or just do it, so there’s one less annoyance in life left. For instance, things I already crossed off my list:

Vulcan peace sign, in perfect position in less then 0.5 seconds. Applicable to BOTH hands. (Pinky and ring finger paired, split in the middle with middle and index finger paired)
Soldering blown capacitors from motherboards, and replacing them as a means to fix it (80% chance it will be).
Buying a house.
Running/managing my own webserver with all the bells and whistles one can get his hands on.
Assemble diverse IKEA stuff in record time (using electronic help at own discretion).

Well, luckily, I can cross off one more thing, which is getting a driver’s license (in only one attempt (both theory and practical test)), while beating a friend to it as an extra.

Goodbye to the *#%#(*) DELAYED public transport. Goodbye to the FREEZING COLD while waiting for the delayed bus. Goodbye to the walking towards the bus stop of this delayed bus.

Public road/highway here I come ! (or rather, here Aygo).

5 Responses to “Don’t you just hate it…”

  1. Albi Says:


  2. Mr T Says:

    Congratulations Kim. Your first step in becoming my personal driver…

  3. Qbix Says:


    How much did you have to bribe the examinator ? 🙄

  4. Tienz Says:

    Wow! Super! 😀

  5. B. Says:



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