Review: Munich

After a few crowd pleasers (War of the Worlds, The Terminal), Spielberg is back on his unconventional track. This movie is definitely strange and special in every sense. Trying to bring this forgotten story to the silver screen, he uses a unique way of directing and editing, following a surprising story outline. In there lies the good and the bad thing about this movie. Obviously, you’ll get a story driven plot with some deep soul searching for the main character (played by Eric Bana, the most underrated (awards-wise) actor of this decade)). The bad thing is that it’s a bit slow. Not only that, with so many factions around, of which most you have no idea who or what it’s about, it’s hard to live into those different angles. Many onscreen discussion are lost this way.
So, if you’re not up to the challenge, and you don’t want to risk this, you can always rent Collateral instead (only slighly similar, but more Hollywood style).7.

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