Review: Rumor Has It…

You know, rumor has it that this movie was pretty boring. Turns out it’s more fact than rumor. It’s too bad really, Rob Reiner built up a career by carefully selecting a whole variety of well crafted movies. Who didn’t feel along with Stand By Me ? Who didn’t laugh his guts out with The Princess Bride. Who didn’t jolt back a few steps back when Nicholson shouted we couldn’t handle it in A Few Good Men ? Who didn’t bite his fingers off watching Misery ?
Sadly, the next question is, who didn’t yawn along while watching Rumor Has it… ? To keep the enumeration theme going on, I’ll close with: If you wanna see Jennifer Aniston, you’d better pick a Friends episode (preferably something from season 3 till 6). If you wanna see Kevin Costner, you’re better off with The Upside of Anger. If you wanna see Mark Ruffalo, re-watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And if you wanna see Shirley MacLaine, whaaaat has gotten in to you ? Actually, _then_ you deserve to be bored out of your skull.4½.

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  1. Mr T Says:

    It was bad but not THAT bad. I would say it was worth a 5…

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