Review: Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day

Procrastinated two and a half months for this one, usually it takes only one or two weeks to review a new album. But with previous hits like It’s My Life, One Wild Night, and Have a Nice Day, it doesn’t really entice me to listen to a whole album, the songs being so run of the mill in nature.
Strangely though, the conclusion of my findings are somewhat on the positive side. It’s only been these few past years I’ve noticed the decline in quality of their mucis. Lyric-wise, it lacks poetic flair. Choice of words and metaphor isn’t of high standard either (and when he finally uses a metaphor, it has to be a filthy cigarette). Music-wise, most songs only use simple hooks if it’s not the brutal beating of the electric guitar. All in all, it’s a pretty neat sophistication-disappearing trick.
Then where’s the positive side, you may think. Having played it in the background for the past weeks, I’ve noticed with my analytic ears off-line, it’s quite listenable (albeit only on the playlist marked “occasional”, and if you’re in a don’t-care-mood). It’s probably the sheer and sweeping simplicity of it all (don’t think, just sing along, even if the lyrics don’t make any sense) that makes it so bearable. Though it doesn’t bode well for the longevity of it all, it’s still something.7-.

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