Review: Domino

Sometimes, with non-descriptive titles (like the last one, Proof), you just go see it and wait for the surprise. This time, the surprise never came (unlike in Proof). Very loosely based on the life of Domino Harvey, we get to see her as a bounty hunter, while another story unfolds in the background. Inconsistently told, on screen it’s all Tony Scott on speed. Super-high-speed cutting with his favorite hand-cranked high-low speed shots are all over the place (while it was still manageable on Man on Fire, it’s getting a bit irritating here). To be honest, even if the story was consistently told, I think it would still have been boring. The screen writer thinks a few lines are enough the describe Domino’s character (which is not), and that makes her pretty one dimensional. Luckily, Kiera gets a few microseconds of full top nudity (totally unnecessary, but probably there so the male fans will buy the DVD for pausing action), otherwise I’d demand my money back (which is impossible, since I technically didn’t pay).5½.

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