Review: The Colbert Report

Literally a Daily Show spin-off (airing right behind it on the Comedy Central, and also produced by Jon Stewart), it’s Stephen Colbert on his own. While a bit in the background on the Daily Show, he made an impression (for instance, This Week in God segments), and a new half-hour show is just what he needs to fill his ego.
While Jon Stewart on the Daily Show can crack a smile on a regular basis, Colbert is downright hilarious. Following a bit on the same line with following current news stories and meshing in a bit of politics, Colbert’s fast paced own opinions and comments keeps it fresh and crackling with energy.
Interviews, just like the Daily Show don’t revolve around Hollywood actors, but lean more towards journalists and writers. And again, with the sharp tongue that he has, the interviews are never what you expect it to be.
With new segments being invented every day, and the quality it has proven over the week, this is one to watch daily, even more so than the more traditional shows like Jay, David and Conan.

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