Review: Four Brothers

It seems John Singleton’s carreer has been going downhill ever since his critically acclaimed debut (Boyz’n the Hood). Shaft was pretty mediocre, and 2 Fast 2 Furious is just too dumb to even criticise it. Four Brothers falls, again, in the popcorn categorie, and hence, all logic goes out the window. Instead, we get testosterone. Spoon-fed. Lots of it. As the title and film poster suggests, it’s about four brothers, on a revenge quest. Lotsa of brotherlike homey talk, lots of goofing around. Lots of hit first, ask questions later. And even though they try to make a deeper story out of it, the low bar has been set, and there’s just no way to up the ante when you go down that road.7-.

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  1. Bern Says:

    A seven minus. High praise, coming from you. I’m taking my girlfriend to see this one tonight. You’d better be right or she’ll kick y’r ass.

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