Review: Supernatural 101 – 103

WB’s attempt at another high profile series, and therefore they attracted so called “talent” McG for this “supernatural” show. Starring Jensen Ackles (fresh off another WB’s show, Smallville) and Jared Padelecki (fresh off movies like House of Wax and Flight of the Phoenix) as brothers who lost their mother 22 years ago to what probably is a demon. Now they’re trying to find their father, and for now they won’t advance in that search very much, making the perfect excuse for a “monster (usually demons or wraiths or ghosts) of the week” formula. Added are also chick of the week, lie (“Hi, we’re from the FBI”) of the week, and small town (preferably with dark woods or scary lake) of the week. This of course will lead to a shallow series, with no depth or substance to pull you back.
The stars are obviously there to function girl magnet, while the chick of the week provides viewing pleasure for the young male demographics. Both of which I do not belong to. Guess that’s a goodbye for me.

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