Review: Threshold 101 – 102

Hey, look, a new series on CBS that’s not CSI. It’s actually sci-fi. And it’s big budget too. The first to enter this season (NBC is right behind with Surface, and so is ABC’s Invasion), with a big slate of sci-fi die hards (just off the Star Trek trails are Brannon Braga, Mike Sussman and Andre Bormanis, joined by David S. Goyer (Blade movies)). Luckily with the contraints of the now dead Enterprise lifted, the creative force is flowing again. So, now you get what you paid for. High production value, slick story pace, snappy dialogue. We’ll have to see how this alien invasion plays out (and how the 2 other shows will compare to this one), but for now, it looks good, has a nice eerie atmosphere, and hopefully, more depth in the coming episodes.

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