Review: Wanted 101 – 105

Pairing with TNT’s The Closer, is a more testosterone fueled cop show. A special task force with several different specialties, headed by Gary Cole (American Gothic, Crusade), they hunt L.A.’s Top 100 Most Wanted list. It’s a pretty straight forward show, with only Gary Cole’s character having a back story and continuing struggle as a soon to be divorced father of two. The rest will have to do with almost generic dialogue. If the characters get more depth, and the pretty hot Rashida Jones (Boston Public) could lose the ever present frown, this show will have a chance in the soon to start TV network season. Otherwise, it will have to move off my limited TV schedule soon (some 20 slots per week available).

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  1. Mr T Says:

    “Pretty hot Rashida Jones”…so where is the hot chick alert??? With many many pictures??? Well??? WELL??????

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