Usually, most things Google makes, are instant successes. It started with the super fast lean mean search machine in 1998, growing bigger every year ever since. Taking over the Usenet database (can’t even remember what is was called) and reforming it to Google Groups was the next step. Revenue came pouring in with sponsored links, and new projects spawned over the years. For instance, Google Earth distributed faster than any nasty Windows Worm could dream of, purely on its merits and word of mouth.
But now comes Google Talk. The instant messenging everybody already knows. ICQ was the startup, even before Google was formed (1996), but with Windows Messenger’s inclusion in Windows, and other rivals (Yahoo, AOL), that market is really crowded. It also includes voice chat, but that was already a feature on MSN (which is a pain in the ass when used in a NAT-ed environment, and hence Skype is the way to chat currently). So what is really new (besides another restriction, your contacts must be fellow GMail users) ? Will you be trying it ?

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  1. Qbix Says:

    I’ll probably try it as it seems to be quite small

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