Review: Lene Marlin – Lost in a Moment

Norway’s only notable pop export (if you don’t count A-Ha’s failed comeback) gives it another try, with her last album dating back in 2003 (and her breakthrough single “Sitting Down Here” from 2000). Even though I don’t hold this type of pop to such a high esteem as alternative or adult rock, from time to time I can handle a few songs. Over the years her voice has improved (less nasal, but still soft-spoken) and the songs can be quite soothing.
This time around, a bit of an overdose kills the excitement. Most songs are still as poppy as I can remember, others have the too perfectly times chorus cue’s programmed in, it kinda has an aggrevating effect instead of the previous soothing power. As always, longevity is also not a strong point for this genre, but still, it could be nice to listen to it if dosed correctly.6½.

2 Responses to “Review: Lene Marlin – Lost in a Moment”

  1. arachnofoob Says:

    can’t believe you listened to THAT. I always get the unrestrainable urge to strangle myself when I hear that annoying voice of hers.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    well, i think Lost in a Moment is not as good as the debute album Playing My Game which is so perfect, it’s just average 😕

    Anyway, she has a very stunning and shivering voice.

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