Review: The Island

Sometimes you have those good movies that are hard to market (US Box Office won’t even get a quarter of their production money back), or maybe it’s the all-too-revealing trailer. Anyhow, this is one of them.
From director Michael Bay, who over the years turned to producer duties as well, comes another fine combination of a decent story with stunning gut-wrenching action sequences. Over the years he did prove himself quite able to continually churn out these combo’s (The Rock, Bad Boys and sequel, etc., with only Armageddon disappointingly too special effects focused), where the screen is filled with stunning visual effects and CGI effects seamlessly mixed in (thanks to good ol’ reliable ILM). The pace is also as usual quite high, and there’s no boring moment to be detected (enough Scarlett Johansson for the guys, and enough Ewan McGregor for the gals). Clocking in well over 2 hours, it’s well worth your money.8+.

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