Germany here I come…

President Kennedy uttered the words “Ich bin ein Berliner” (twice in one speech, I think), for whatever crowd pleasing reasons (he was after all, standing in front of 120.000 Germans). Guess I’ll find out how it feels to be a Berliner pretty soon.
Here’s another CNN Weather update.
Hope they have the cardboard boxes ready for us, because in some smart move from a certain frnd, he chose a hotel with 0 out of the possible 5. Yups, you didn’t misread, it clearly says ZERO out of FIVE stars, coz that’s whud ya get for 30 bucks a night.
But most importantly, how will I survive 5 days without Counter-Strike ???

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  1. arachnofoob Says:

    didn’t you see that documentary on discovery channel about germany. Berliner is “een berlinerbol” :a creamfilled dough-ball. What Kennedy basically said was: I am a dough-ball filled with delicious mouthwatering cream.

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