What’s in a name ?

New names appearing this week.

– First we have Vista. Say whud ? Windows Vista, to be exact. That will be the XP follow-up, previously named Longhorn. The old name at least had a tough edge too it, but Vista sounds pretty weak. Then again, it had been delayed and delayed and delayed again. Then they even remove the planned features (namely, WinFS), so all we’re left with is XP with some superficial touch-ups. And while they, again, say it’s designed from the ground up, just like Windows Server 2003, we know most of the current patches released for Windows 2000 and XP means you also have to apply the patch on your Windows Server 2003 machine, as the very same vulnerability exists there.

-Then we have Apocalypto. Say whud ? Apocalypto, you know. It sounds like a children’s game or something, but it’s far from that. It’s the new utterly violent and blood spattering movie penned and produced and distributed by Mel Gibson. In the same manner he did Passion (invested $25 million of his own money, got some $600 million back), he will just direct this one, aiming for a summer 2006 release. He will also film it in some ancient Mayan language. Hopefully, the subtitles will be there again (which he reluctantly did for Passion), otherwise he can kiss his cash goodbye. C’moooon, who here can speak Aramaic or Mayan, raise your hands.

2 Responses to “What’s in a name ?”

  1. Mr T Says:

    Every Maya in the house say Ow! Ow!…

  2. Qbix Says:

    so all we’re left with is XP with some superficial touch-ups

    So I assume you will install it on every machine you got then ?

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