Review: Millions

Another indie project from the highly praised director Danny Boyle (though I think he’s pretty standard, have seen his previous film, 28 Days Later). This time it’s a more homely script, with many fantasy elements in it. It’s set around a family, but seen from the outside. It focuses on two brothers and how they handle the money that’s miraculously thrown in their laps. There’s no way to identify with the boys, as their dialogue is written somewhat unrealistically (too bright – I for one, wasn’t that smart at that age, and I haven’t seen others being that clever either), keeping the viewer at a distance (what the fantasy element already did). That said, there are a few pretty smart things to find in the script, and the boys aren’t pushed to act in an unnatural way, so it’s very bearable. In the end, it’s not a strong drama, nor a comedy, but something in between. And again, direction was nice (though the scene transitions and musical score are too overpowering), but not deserving the level Greatness, as most people tend to make you believe.7+.

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  1. Mr T Says:

    7+ is too high, way too high…

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