Review: Unleashed

With any Jet Li movie, some bones have to be broken, and this movie is no different. It’s clear though, how his movies usually play out. He has a handful of typical Hollywood movies (Romeo Must Die, The One, Crade 2 the Grave). He had the standard Hong Kong martial arts flicks (The Black Mask, The Enforcer). He had some higher quality Chinese art movies (Hero). And now he’s trying the European style of making movies.
And it pays off, because the quality is slightly higher than the previously mentioned 2 categories. Story is still slightly simple, but the dialogue in between makes more sense. Mostly thanks to Morgan Freeman, the acting is up to standard too. That leaves only the predictability as a weak point. Still, for fans and non-fans, it’s different enough to make a more firm impression than the mediocre stuff he made earlier in Hollywood (and hopefully avoid in the future).7+.

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  1. Mr T Says:

    Morgan Freeman is indeed a very good comedy actor, he really makes me laugh… But I truly wonder whether he can reach such a level in drama…:lol:

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