Review: Into the West 101 – 103

While Steven Spielberg is always busy on the big screen, he never really left his small screen activities idle. And after Band of Brothers (HBO) and Taken (Sci-fi Channel), it’s TNT’s turn to get a big promotional boost with Into the West. And paying off it does (with 7 million watching at a time, totalling 21 million viewers on its triple play rotation).
His name alone warrants at least a peek at the pilot, I have to be honest to tell you, it’s a little bit hard keeping your attention on the screen. Basically focusing on 2 families throughout a few generations (one hard working family, with the kids going out for adventure, and one Native American family and how they cope with the invasion of the white people during the 1800’s) and how they intertwine, it is a bit boring. Themes like Indian rituals come by, and the dangerous traveling into the west are highlighted. In the following episodes we see some settling down, and just when you’re getting a clear picture of the character, the focus shifts to another generation, jumping another decade. In essence, they’re building a saga, but it’s a bit hard to connect to the characters if they keep popping up and disappearing at the same time.
A whole bunch of notable “guest” appearances should keep the star rating high (Sean Astin, Rachel Leigh Cook, Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich), and there’s even more to come in the following episodes.
All in all, it sounds like must-see, but if it were not for the summer low season, I’d probably drop this one without much thought .

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