US Box Office

While the movie is spectacular, Batman Begins with respectable opening, earning $46.9 million in its first weekend. With such an opening, and no kids to help the box office blow up like Spider-Man did, it’s not clear yet if the $150 million budget will be earned back.
Second was Mr. & Mrs. Smith, dropping one place with $27.3 million, with the total almost crossing the $100 million mark. Firm third spot is for Madagascar, zoo-ing in another $11.1 million. Fourth was SWIII, with $9.7 million, which will cross the $350 million mark next week. Fifth place was for The Longest Yard, the comedy reels in $8 million.
Biggest disappointment this week, was counter-programmed (against darker less family oriented Batman) opener, comedy The Perfect Man. With only $5.5 million (7th place), it might be a sign of Hilary Duff’s fading stardom.

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