Review: Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill (acoustic)

With the last string of low expectancy disappointments (namely, Delta Goodrem – Mistaken Identity, Lifehouse – Lifehouse, Ben Folds – Songs For Silverman, Blue October – Argue With a Tree (live 2 CD’s), Stereophonics – Language. Sex. Violence. Other? as in, only one or even no song on the whole CD worth mentioning), I thought I’d spare you the critical breakdown of each one.
Instead, I took the easy way out, and that’s provided by Alanis with her rework of Jagged Little Pill to commemerate its 10 years of existence, as be it good or bad, the review would be easier to write.
So, how does it hold up on its own ? Basically, all songs are still the same. The metamorphosis is mostly in the wide variety of acoustic arrangements. Usually this gives a fresh feeling to each song (though one or two have a somewhat depressing bass riff going on), and that means the whole CD is still very listenable. Also worth mentioning is that now it’s quite noticable how her voice has matured in the ten years. If you don’t have anything Alanis, there’s no doubt, it’s a must-have.
But, with 30 million copies of the original album floating around, you can’t stop the comparison between the new and the old. The main question would still be, is it worth the buy if you already have the old one. The answer would be a undecisive no. Combine the fact that most people also have numerous cd-singles with the multiple renditions of the songs on the B-side, and it’s time to start scratching your head. The final fact is, most people also have the 1999 release of another must-have CD, Unplugged. And that’s the nail that shuts the decision making coffin. We end up with a big no for Alanis fans. The success hinges on a new generation who has never heard of her. And frankly, I don’t think such a generation exist at the moment. Blank grade: 9-. Compared grade: 7-.

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