Review: Sin City

Basically, this movie is about 3 stories taking place in Sin City, and bear no real connection with each other. Strange at first, the stories slowly unfold, and with the writer co-directing, you have a distinct type of dialogue and narrative to get used to. Shot totally in green/blue screen, luckily, this time it’s not as distracting as it was in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Then you have to monochrome filming style, which means no rich textured scenes, but lends well to focus on particular things. The characters also don’t have enough screen time to fully develop, so only the raw features are to be expected (also very apparent to the acting style, with the slight overacting always present). This means the whole movie, while having a weird film noir feeling to it, has only a bit of everything (humor, screen magic, drama). It’s certainly not spectacular enough to buy the DVD (which will be far longer than the current 2 hours) or start a franchise (what am I saying ? Part 2 and 3 are scheduled for 2007 and 2008).7½.

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  1. Tienz Says:

    But Jessica Alba is in it. Wasn’t that the ultimate babe to you, or something like that? Doesn’t that count?

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