Review: Revelations 101 – 106

More and more movie stars are trying out the small screen (and even more coming up for the 2005/2006 schedule), and for NBC’s limited series, it’s Bill Pullman heading a spiritual religious thriller mini series.
Produced and written bij David Seltzer, who has done previous thriller/horror stuff close to this series’ subjects, it actually amounts to totally nothing at the end (but that could also be that it’s written with a second season in mind, which will not come as per NBC’s revelation of the new fall/midseason schedule).
The first three episode seem to build the characters and story to what might seem interesting, with Indiana Jones like flying around the world relic hunting. But with all the prophecies and biblical quotes, the latter part seems utterly boring. Gearing towards the end of the world which of course doesn’t come, will leave you feeling quite disappointed, especially with all the not so subtle symbolisms and non-meaningfull intermezzos filling the cavities of the story. If Bill Pullman’s brooding scientist character wasn’t there, I’d never make it till the end. As it stands, even if a second series would return, I’d probably skip it.

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