Review: Birth

When you see the names Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall, your interest bar raises a bit. Then you see it’s a Fine Line produced independent picture with what might be an interesting outline, and the interest bar goes through the roof.
Then you sit, and you’re served a long sequence with no meaning. I don’t need to see a guy running in the snow for 5 minutes. I want to see a movie. What follows are more slow moving scenes, with no particular meaning. The script is not of high quality either, filled with character with, you guess it, no particular meaning. The only drama comes from Nicole Kidman, while the rest just drop in to say their uninteresting lines. The kid might have a big role, with emotional depth, but in essence, he’s delivering his lines with an expression-less stare the whole movie. That’s what I call lazy casting.
Pairing this boredom with a combination of an overly happy orchestral suite and an irritatingly nervous rhythmic bass line is the final mistake, and I wouldn’t look surprised if you’d walk out after a mere 30 minutes.4.

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