Review: The Machinist

Big sacrifices usually lead to big results. Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone gained weight, while for this film, Christian Bale does the opposite. He dropped whopping 30 kilos to a mere 50 kilos to facilitate the believable performance as an insomniac, and it shows. The shock value is the same as going into hibernation in the eighties and waking up in this year, seeing Michael Jackson’s deformed face on trial. I never liked Bale’s movies (the alternative American Psycho was plain boring, and actioner Reign of Fire wasn’t that fierce either), acting a bit with the same stiffness, but after this movie, I’d say, let Batman indeed begin, by all means.
A solid performance makes this dark psycho drama work on all levels. Consistent mood and an overture score while the story line keeps you guessing and wondering.7½.

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