What have I learned this week ?

– Well, the pope was a sporty guy, according to Schwarzenneger. And it goes beyond my imagined finger exercises. He did daily push-up and sit-ups, and was good in soccer and skiing. How looks can be deceiving !
– Michael Jackson had more damaging testimonies lined up than Star Wars fan are lining up at the movie theatres in sleeping bags. And that’s pretty pretty much a very lot, I tell ya. Testimonies included fondling and sucking of at least 3 different children over the past 15 (give or take a few) years, including a cook seeing inappropiate behaviour towards Macauly Culkin.
– German is the second language of the world. Stunned to find it was the second language to be released for the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, I also noticed they had almost a 9% share in the Counter-Strike: Source community, also a second place.
– Cappucinno is 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, 1/3 milky foam.

3 Responses to “Week-in-review”

  1. Tienz Says:

    And so we see again: you’re never too old to learn. :mrgreen:

  2. Mr T Says:

    And NO cocoa powder on it!!!!!

  3. Qbix Says:

    Interresting stuff you learned this week.

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