Review: The Office: An American Workplace 101

Sometimes you see something you instantly like, and sometimes you see something you instantly dislike. Falling in the first category is BBC’s The Office. I only saw one sample episode distributed on a UK PC magazine, and it was enough to fly over the 2 seasons on DVD from Falling in the second category is NBC’s remake. But it could be, because I’m spoiled. Maybe it works for the Americans who haven’t seen any of the original 13 gems (only 6 episode per season were made, plus one Christmas special), but for me it doesn’t.
First we have the documentary style, switching between interviews and casual capture on the surroundings, which was much more obvious in the original. Then we have Ricky Gervais, the star of the original, who had more feeling on how to interact with the camera. Replacement for the States is Steve Carell, but without Ricky’s excellent timing, delivery and body language, it feels more acted. The other characters suffer the same fate. The sense of reality is gone.
Then you also have the script, which was only slightly modified for the American viewers. All in all, it’s not enough to keep my attention, and my hand is already reaching for the table, where my DVD’s are lying.

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  1. Jono the office God Says:

    On line 5 you quote “original 13 gems” to be correct there were 2 Christmas episode but carrying over one story line,

    Yours sincerly

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