Review: Hotel Rwanda

Based on a true story, it starts with the beginning of the Rwanda genocide in April 1994. It’s a forgotten or untold story of the heroic efforts of Paul Rusesabagina, portrayed well by Don Cheadle, a temporary manager of a luxurious hotel. Ironically, Don Cheadle started his career in the hotel business (comedy series The Golden Palace, the spin-off of The Golden Girls), and has since had several relatively small movie roles. Having proved his worth already (for instance, an extended guest stint on E.R.), this is the first time he’s headlining a movie, and he makes quite an impression. The inspiring and compassionate portrayal stands in contrast of the brutality that happened in the following weeks. It’s well written, and the dramatic score works well. While many gut wrenching atrocities will be shown, luckily there are times where you can sigh with relief.8.

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