Review: Hitch

It’s no surprise Will Smith always felt good in the comedy scene. That fact isn’t that fresh anymore. For me, it was always, of course, about Eva Mendes. So, it was kinda horrible to see her act all “I’m in a comedy, so I’m gonna act like it too”-ish, but luckily, that method fades after while.
The story is like any other romantic comedy. Light and stretched, so it’s definitely not a laughing cannon. It’s slightly predictable too. While it is enjoyable overall, if there was a flaw to be named, it’s that is sticking too much to the established standards.7+.

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  1. Bern Says:

    Man, I had a great time watching this last Saturday. Brilliant movie, not a very exciting plot, but the whole thing was too damn funny. I’d rate it an 8+ at least, but then again, I’m not a Chinese movie critic.

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