Review: Doctor Who 2701

The online community is adamant this is one of the best sci-fi series ever to exist. The only fact I’ve collected so far though, is that it’s the longest running sci-fi series. So I had to try the new revival (since the original went from 1963 through 1989). The fact that it was leaked on the internet before the BBC screening a few weeks from now helped too.
Too bad what I found out wasn’t able to live up to its hype, at all. The first scene made it clear the budget was quite low. Lightning, filming techniques, special effects, it’s all sub-par. Then the acting isn’t that of high standard either. Then there must be at least one last thing to make this show last so long ? The storytelling ? Neupz, not that ingenious either. All this combined makes any scene easily comparible to Eastenders in all aspects, which means it’s not worth any of my time.
Conclusion is like the harsh reality we live in. Life was better when wondering who, I mean, what Doctor Who was all about.

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