Review: Million Dollar Baby

The trailer may seem like it’s another Rocky clone, and frankly, it kind of is. The very first one that is (also an Oscar winner), but with slightly more evolved characters. Both have the same feel to it, good script, good acting, good dialogue. With Million Dollar Baby’s script slightly more polished, it’s the same low budget feel, while gearing slight more to the drama side, and keeping the Hollywood spirit (touching and inspiring) on a low but always present simmer. The superb acting, with a three Oscar contending cast, it comes as no surprise. From this bunch, you actually don’t expect anything less. Adding another dramatic undertone is the narrative by Morgan Freeman, doing it just the way as no-one else can do it, stitching the story together into a fulfilling experience.8.

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  1. Mr T Says:

    A pity that Morgan Freeman is also part of the cast but it is one of the few mistakes Clint has made (although it is quite a huge mistake…).

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