Review: Numb3rs 101 – 106

Launched mid-season on THE home of procedural crime solving shows, CBS, it’s an able competitor. Taking a different angle (using math to solve problems), helps to elevate it above the other shows. A good cast helps too (though Judd Hirsch and Peter MacNicol are kind of typecasted, they carry a giant of TV history and experience). Then you have the Scott brothers (Ridley & Tony) overseeing the project to keep the production value high. They also have time to fit in social time in the b-story reel, definitely putting it ahead of static shows like CSI:Miami and NY, and NCIS). While the scripts are not perfect, with lots of room left for more depth, the formula is definitely there. Also, the math angle sometimes seems far fetched and quite unbelievable. Then again, so does succesfully zooming in a million times and getting all the details from a shoddy security video tape. The final argument to dump the aforementioned mediocre shows off the schedule, the female lead is quite the hot chick.

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  1. Albi Says:

    Ja, goeie serie dit 🙂 Wel gedurfd ook om wiskunde te nemen maar tot nu pakt het goed uit.

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