Review: Tru Calling 201 – 203

With a late cancellation axe coming down, several episodes were already filmed and produced with uncertainty of an US airing. Fox, not satisfied with the ratings, probably still wanted to squeeze every dollar out of it, sold the remaining six episode to a New Zealand station, so luckily, they have geeks with hardware and internet there too.
While I critised the formulaic structure during the beginning of season one, major improvement was seen at the end of it. Now that it’s cancelled, it’s extra sad the unpredictable factors keep improving the episodes during season 2. Guess we’ll just have to live with the short vision most high-up suits have at the studios.
And even more unfortunate is the fact that they added a hot chick this season, which we’ll be able to see only 3 more times. Her name is Lizzy Caplan.

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