What have we learned today ?

Right on, what have we learned today ? Besides the fact that Paris Hilton’s phone wasn’t really hacked (the supposed hack was actually more in the direction of information grabbing after successfully guessing the blonde’s password) ? Or besides the fact that a lot of stars use T-Mobile (and hence, the Sidekick feature launched last year, of which Paris and Nicole were part of the publicity campaign, which basically is an online version for your pictures, address book and notes handled by a beefed up phone. Or besides the fact that there were no nude pictures to be found (and hence, really boring) ? Or besides the fact that Nicole Richie is using a blackberry ? Or that creating a professional website including the registration of the domain name and getting it live online takes less than a day (godaddy.com took care of www.parishiltonsmobile.com within a day. DURING THE WEEKEND !!!) ?
Not much really.

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