Spilled beans

Yupz, they did it again. The Smoking Gun has gotten a hold on a 1903-page transcript of the procedings that led the Santa Barbara Grand Jury to start the indictment process against Michael Jackson. These 2003/2004 documents are sealed on the strict gag-orderly judge Melville commands. Now on the frontpage of the website, if I were a copying machine company, I’d definitely would want to know if it was your brand which was used (as sneaking out a stack of sealed documents must have involved a super fast machine), and use it as free publicity.
The transcript itself reveals a lot of the sworn witness testimonies from not only the accuser and the family, but also people who worked closely with Michael Jackson. A quick analysis reveals that the stalled trial could go both ways. Many details from all of the questioned parties (including pretty solid evidence supporting the allegations) suggest Jackson could land in jail before his face falls off from un-natural decay (which should happen in just a few more years). A few conflicting details here and there though, could mean that now is problably the time to start your monthly subscription on the How to Sue Michael Jackson Foundation Newsletter. Make up your mind here.

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  1. Tienz Says:

    And what about HIS children? Having a father like him couldn’t be healthy, whether he did it or not.

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