Review: Inception

Pulling a Nolan. That’s what happened again. I means you leave the movie theater with your jaw slightly dropped. A pure genius of the silver screen, he captures the audience with inventive camera work and an amazing screenplay. What’s basically a simple concept, couldn’t be sold to a studio by anyone else, let alone result in a movie that’s so complex and intense. The first time, it was the simple concept of time, and the little fact of how memory works. This time we go inside the brain, which is a simple concept again, but he manages to add more layers, while making it a personal journey.
Resulting in a dramatic finale that takes almost half the movie, it still has you on the edge of your seat for every second. It runs 148 minutes, and we need every single minute of it to build it how it is. Sometimes the characters aren’t fleshed out that well because the story moves like a train, but it focuses enough on the main player (well played by Leonardo DiCrapio). And even if the concept escapes your brains (usually the guys), there’s enough budget for special effects and explosions, with a pounding soundtrack to boot. What more can you ask for ? 9.

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