To Yum or not to Yum

The Summer is upon us, and what better way to spend it stuffing your stomach full of new yummy goodness. Here are a few new things to try:

Lay’s Pepperoni Limited Edition:
I think this one is from the user suggested flavor contest. It’s a nice idea, the scent when opening the package and the first few bites do indeed remind of a shallow Pepperoni flavor, but ultimately, it just tastes some kinda salty. Not too special, so it’s okay it’s just a limited edition.

Lay’s Honey Mustard Limited Edition:
Another new flavor mix, and there’s a slight mustard hint in some bites. The honey part is harder to find. But even then, it’s not that great a mix, and tastes more like chemicals than real mustard. A big misser here.

Lay’s Sensations Mexican Peppers & Cream:
Actually tastes likes normal Paprika. The flavor only comes up in some bites, but it’s nothing too special.

Magnum Essense:
Not sure if it’s really new, but it’s just an ice cream bar, with plain ol’ ice cream and an extra middle bar of chocolate. It doesn’t stack up to the Magnum Classic, as that has better chocolate and real vanilla ice cream.

Magnum Gold:
Not a gold medal winner, as the outside gold, is just white chocolate (not really chocolate to begin with, imho), and the inside is plain ice cream with only a bit of caramel swirls. It’s sweat, but it lacks depth.

Ola Cornetto Engima Chocolate:

What always seems an impossibility, Ola finally got the idea we’ve all been waiting for. Ice cream cone where the flavor goes all the inside and way down. This chocolate flavor though, it’s the sugar kinda, and not that chocolaty. The nuts on top aren’t crunchy either. It’s a miss here, can’t recommend it over a “normal” Cornetto.


Ola Cornetto Engima Raspberry:
Finally a winner, marred by the fact that the raspberry sauce is probably authentic, but too badly, not filtered. You will have to swallow the small raspberry pits all the way through. But the crunchy sweetness and full fruity flavor makes this one the addictive snack for this summer.

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