Review: Iron Man 2

With so few reviews, you might actually think I’m not watching any movies anymore, but that’s actually not the case (just no time to put reviews up).
But this sequel delivered a proper ass-kicking, so it deserves one.
Jon Favreau directs his first sequel, and he delivers. Paired with a script from relative new comer Justin Theroux (though only as a writer, fresh off the Tropic Thunder fame), it’s a fast paced continuation taking place right after Tony Stark’s big reveal at the end of the Iron Man movie.
Characters get developed a bit more, as we get to see only narcissistic extravagant super hero face new problems, while Pepper Potts gets more important screen time. Also Favreau’s previous cameo (Happy Hogan) has been upgraded to a full entertaining background character.
While the villains are still two dimensional (still good roles for Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell), the story folds itself in a fairly predictable manner, but the same high quality smooth direction and special effects make for quite a few awe inspiring sequences.
While being the only superhero present during this summer box office would warrant a visit to the movie theater, the sheer fun experience makes it a no-brainer, this is the must-see for this early summer period.9-.

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