Review: Sherlock Holmes

A nice modernizing reboot (while still taking place in the early 1900) of the Sherlock franchise. Guy Ritchie puts in a great story with good pace, awesome style (old London in all its grey/brownish glory). While this younger Sherlock isn’t really that Sherlocky anymore (uttering famous lines along the way at inappropiate timings), the story has all the ingredients. Mystery vs. logic works well as the main theme, and it has adversaries to match.
Even though Arthur Conan Doyle might be twisting and turning in his grave for this gay-ish Sherlock Holmes/dr. Watson duo (played resp. by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law), I wouldn’t care less, because this movie kicks major elementary ass. Introducing lesser known facts from the books (substance abuse and martial arts) makes it even more interesting.8+.

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