Another lighting issue has come my way, browsing through a Hong Kong based hardware webshop which ships in US$ and with no shipping cost. I just browsed and bought some stuff with good luck and high hopes for those cheap junk.

Imagine my second surprise this week regarding LED lighting.

See here the usual pocket LED light, which by now always had the same level of quality from everywhere I’ve looked. It does well in extreme darkness, but that’s about it.

normal pocket LED

See here the one I chose from that store. I actually chose it for the penlite battery function (easier, since I want to use rechargeables), and the holster could’ve been handy.
But now the comparing picture.

Cree LED

Now, this is the only pocket light that’s worthy of the name torch, I tell ya. The company brand is Cree, and they call this UltraFire, which I say is quite fitting. Unluckily, I have to wait another month for the next order to ship, since my sister decided she was the rightful owner of this one somehow.
For a mere 7.50 euro, it’s really no question if I should by more.

A misfire though, is this pocket knife from the same webshop.

pocket knife

It’s only sufficient for light duty though, until I replace my missing previous beloved Victorinox. But hey, it’s a mere 2.70 euro (about 1/10th the price of the Victorinox)!

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