Review: Funny People

Judd Apatow writes and directs another comedy, but this time without the usual outrageousness and with a lil’ dash of drama (since death is a prominent subject now).
It all works, with Adam Sandler finally back to a normal character, filled with other funny people (as the movie title suggests). Seth Rogen stands out though, not being that good in any role, the script luckily covers up a lot of those aspects through tons of dialogue, making the whole movie appear like it’s one smooth sail.
While some dark clouds loom above you, there are still a lot of funny moments (as most characters are stand-up comedians), while the movie goes through several subtle stages.
Hardcore Sandler fans will be disappointed though (as this is the movie I’ve experienced the most walk-outs yet, more than 15, beating any bad Jean-Claude van Damme flick I’ve seen in the past). So, those expecting weak jokes at rapid succession, stay at home.
For all others enjoying the more subtle comedies, definitely one to see.7½.

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