Review: The Final Destination 3D

Of course I knew the movie wouldn’t blow my mind away (though the original was quite special), so I went purely to assess the current 3D technology. The movie is quite predictable, and follows the same mold and story points of the previous movies. Add some unknown actors, and you have a 3D movie well within a reasonable budget. Nothing to write home about.
So on to the 3D experience, quite a few scenes work really well, though sometimes it’s too chaotic, or not blended well (different object distances are too distinct), but mostly it works to give it that little bit extra. However, the darkening glasses do take away about 30-40% of the incoming light (either light filtering or polarisation, I’m not quite sure), and makes the movie darker than it should be, while also taking away contrast and lively colors. On top of that, the glasses do feel a bit heavy on the nose after while and you will see most people constantly fidgeting with it.
All in all, it has potential, but hopefully, the upcoming December tentpole (the long awaited James Cameron’ Avatar) won’t suffer the same detractions.6-.

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