Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

The expectations for another surprise hit movie franchise by toy company Hasbro (Transformer) seems totally crushed, after seeing this high budgeted, but poorly executed CGI fest.
The story is obviously absolutely crap. The fact that the producers tried to makes this movie ultra-serious is another mistake. If you can’t laugh at yourself, being spun-off from a toy product line, you have a serious flawed point of view. Now were stuck with no plot, and no fun to be had at all.
As expected, writer/director Stephen Sommers drops the ball here and there (remember the bad special effects on his Mummy series ?), some unintentionally bad sequences are jaw-droppingly bad.
The serious acting is laughable too, with Dennis Quaid as a stern General Hawk shouting commands around counted as carreer low point.
This movie is only interesting to max. 12 year old boys and even then, you’d probably have to cut 80% to keep them interested throughout.5½.

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