Review: Rob Thomas – Cradlesong

It’s been 4 yours already since his first venture into his solo career, so expectations were high. Add the fact that he’s proven to be one of the most talented singer/songwriter, and you can imagine how sky-high I was when the wait was finally over.
A whopping full CD (14 tracks, excluding several bonus tracks to be found elsewhere), it’s full of his signature “let’s change the game a bit” style, so it doesn’t resemble anything before. It’s a feat not a lot of artists can replicate (pick up any CD from any artist, and you can either always hear the resemblance with their previous material). But here we have it again, and just after 2 listens, I the wait was all worth it. While the excellently smooth power ballads are mostly gone (Ever The Same, Problem Girl, etc), it’s replaced with some more fast paced rocky attitude songs (including a more predictable layout with clear chorus lines, bridge etc, something I actually don’t fancy that well), but still containing his uniquely soulful voice.
Statistics wise, it’s even better. Even with the best albums, as picky as I am, I usually don’t like a lot. But the percentage of damn good songs, good songs, and acceptable songs are even higher this time around.
Seems this is the gem of this year to cherish. A definitely must-have, regardless of your favorite musical genre.9-.

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